ATTENTION: Frustrated Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Are Serious About Generating More Leads, Growing Revenue & Keeping More Profit
The Truth every small business owner needs to know to generate more leads... even if this pandemic has knocked you down.
Answered: How Small Business Owners Can Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Times
The Marketing Accelerated Course

“Jeff is an incredible educator. He has a personal touch as he speaks to you through his videos as if you are sitting right in front of him. He’s very knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches and coaches on. Jeff is as genuine in front of the camera in this course as he is in real life. You can truly feel that Jeff has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs light and stoke the fires inside of them. If you want real-talk, take the Marketing Accelerated course. You’ll have plenty to work on and implement to increase traffic and sales. The beauty, it can truly be applied to every kind of business. Well worth the price of the course! And for extra bursts of energy, follow Jeff on Instagram. His content is gold! Thanks Jeff for working with and supporting Priority Pumping, Junk-Rite and our team.”

T. Wilson – Entrepreneur

“After completed Jeff Heggie’s Marketing Accelerated course, I feel more motivated than ever to take my marketing skills to the next level. The course gave me a completely different perspective on where to focus my energy when gaining traffic and generating leads. Jeff broke things down into a simplified, step by step process that was easy to follow. The material was full of useful information and is truly relatable to any size company wanting to dive further into the marketing world. Although I don’t know Jeff personally, I feel like he genuinely cares about the success of my business. Taking this course was time well spent, and I would encourage anyone to follow Jeff’s coaching material!”

S. Nelson – Office Manager

Marketing Accelerated Course and Bonus Material

What You Will Get:

  • Market Accelerated Course: 5 Modules                                                                                         $497 Value
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Powerful Elevator Pitch                                           $297 Value
  • BONUS: 2 Hour Consultation with Digital Marketing Specialist at Needham Solutions              $180 Value
  • BONUS: The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Shooting Video At Home                                      $97 Value
  • BONUS: 2 Month Membership to Jeff's Inner Circle Mastermind                                                  $100 Value
  • BONUS: Private Marketing Accelerated Facebook Group                                                                         $$$

Total Value: $1,171

Today: $1,171 $97

Find out why everything you know about marketing is WRONG!

Learn a simple 4-step formula that will allow you to DOMINATE your market!

Discover the hidden secret that will make your business the ONLY logical choice to buy from!

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"Finally! How To Generate More Leads, Increase Conversion Rates, and Generate Greater Profits"

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From: Jeff Heggie
RE: More Leads and Conversions

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you want to run a profitable and successful business, or even if you just want to survive this pandemic,, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

It Could Mean the Difference Between Going Out of Business and Being a Leader in Your Industry

Here's How and Why We Can Make You This Promise...

 My name is Jeff Heggie and I'm a business development coach and marketing strategist

These are tested and proven strategies that are guaranteed to Generate More Leads, Increase Your Conversion Rate, Command Higher Prices, and Generate Greater Profits!

Many small businesses are being forced to close their doors because of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results: "I knew this would be beneficial, but the unexpected a-ha moments were life-changing. Thank you for your ability to guide us through this process so seamlessly and for helping us see so much potential in our businesses once again!”

Every minute you wait is is costing you leads, clients and money.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of the Iceberg of What You Get...

• You'll discover exactly how to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and command higher prices!
• You'll understand exactly why the BEST marketing does not have to cost you more money!
• You'll have the tools and strategies that you can implement immediately!
• You'll have access to 2 Full Hours from a digital marketing specialist that can help you implement any of the online strategies that you need!
• You'll not only be able to keep your doors open, you will watch your business grow!
• When you learn these strategies, you can implement them immediately and see results now! Think about how good you're going to feel about the future of your business.
• When your sales are increasing, you'll be able to start planning optimistically for the future.
• Others in your industry are going to wonder what you are doing. People will take notice.

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Marketing Accelerated Course

You get over $1,200 in value, including the entire 5-Module Marketing Accelerated online course which will show you how to generate all the leads your business can handle, separate your business from your competition... and dominate your market. You'll make your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you sell. 

This course and the incredible bonuses that come with it give you the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

You get all of this for Only $97...

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

BONUS #1: The Ultimate Guide to Create Your Powerful Elevator Pitch
We will help you apply the marketing equation to your elevator pitch so you can create a message so powerful, compelling and complete that you can roll that message into all of your marketing collateral and begin to dominate your competition, both now and far into the future.

Real Value: $297

BONUS #2: 2-Hour Consultation with a Digital Marketing Specialist at Needham Solutions
Today, every successful business is online. But not every business owner understand the powerful and effective strategies to be successful online. In this course we will teach you what these strategies are and how to implement them. But we are also aware that not every single one of you will have the technical expertise, time, or desire to implement these strategies. That is where Needham Solutions has graciously stepped up to add their support and knowledge. Their experts can help you understand and complete the implementation, or even completely take it over for you.

Real Value: $180

BONUS #3: The Ultimate Small Business Guide to Shooting Video at Home
This incredible 11-Part Series from Burkhart Creative Agency is a guide that could change the course of your business! If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that businesses online presence can be the difference between surviving or closing. Your ability to have great content that can communicate, generate sales, and develop a community that will support your business is essential. This course will show you how to create content that will engage your audience, attract new customers, and grow your business.

Real Value: $97

BONUS #4: 2 Month Membership to Jeff’s Inner Circle Mastermind
A Mastermind is the FASTEST way to get to the Next Level!

This group will help you to amplify the performance of your business while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back.

Real Value: $100
BONUS #5: Private Marketing Accelerated Facebook Group
This private Facebook group will allow you to network and mastermind with other entrepreneurs who are in the Marketing Accelerated family.

Real Value: $$$

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value over $1,200... but they're yours when you act now!

And you have nothing to lose because you can...

Money Back Guarantee Marketing Accelerated
As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....

Here's How To Order Right Now!

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

To your success,
Jeff Heggie
P.S. - Every minute you wait is costing you more leads, more clients, and more sales!

Act now before the price goes up!

Marketing Accelerated 5-Module Course

Marketing Accelerated Course and Bonuses
  • Module 1: Everything You've Been Taught About Marketing Is Wrong
  • Module 2: Creating Your Market Dominating Position - Part 1
  • Module 3: Creating Your Market Dominating Position - Part 2
  • Module 4: The Keys to Successful Marketing
  • Module 5: Websites, Landing Pages & Drip Campaigns

BONUS: The Ultimate Guide To Create Your Powerful Elevator Pitch

How To Create An Elevator Pitch
  • E-Learning Marketing System Training Video: How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process
  • Workbook: How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process
  • Case Study: Elevator Pitch
  • Do-It-Yourself Templates: 10 Second and 30 Second Elevator Pitch

BONUS: Digital Marketing Consultation

Needham Solutions Digital Marketing Consultation
  • Needham Solutions:  2 Hour FREE Consultation With Digital Marketing Specialist At Needham Solutions

BONUS: The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Shooting Video At Home

Small Business Guide How To Shoot Video At Home
  • Burkhart Creative Agency: 11 Part Series
  • ​How To Generate Content Ideas
  • ​Focusing Your Message
  • ​Script Writing
  • ​Lighting 101
  • ​Choosing The Right Background
  • ​Best Practices For Audio Recording
  • ​Canva: Easy Graphic Design
  • ​Free iPhone Video Editing: iMovie
  • ​Free Android Video Editing: Premiere Rush
  • ​How To #Promote Your Video Content
  • ​Building Community Online
  • Jeff Heggie:  Live monthly group coaching

BONUS: 2 Month Membership 

Jeff Heggie Inner Circle Mastermind Group
  • Jeff Heggie:  Inner Circle Mastermind

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

"...the unexpected a-ha moments were life changing. Thank you for your ability to guide us through this process so seamlessly, and for helping us see so much potential in our businesses once again!"
Becky Leonard
Queen Creek AZ
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